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This page is designed to be an information and discussion space for workers in Carphone Warehouse shops.  It needs your input – as a shop worker – to be relevant and useful.  We’ve included below a discussion of some of the issues which shop workers have raised with us.  If you’d like to add to what we’ve got, please email us or post below.

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I feel there needs to be more open consultation regarding targets.  I feel that Branch Managers and staff within Carphone shops have no voice or opinion in ensuring that targets set are realistic and satisfactory.  There is no clear and transparent appeals process in getting targets amended or relaxed.  I would like to see Target changes discussed more closely with Branches and more rationale behind decisions to make any neccessary amendments.  I would also like to see a efficient appeals process for targets where the appeal to have targets amended is uicker and more immediate.  Currently, as I understand it, the process for appealing targets tends to sit upon the Regional General Manager’s shoulders only and targets can be appealed but only permenantly changed every quarter.


There should be an open and transparent recruitment policy and all vacancies should be advertised for a specific amount of time.  Currently, particuarly in management roles, there are a number of examples of people merely being slotted into posts without competitive interviews to the potential disadvantage of other members of the retail workforce.

Disciplinary Process

Please note that if you are concerned about the disciplinary process, please join now.  We cannot give proper support to shop workers joining with a problem that has already begun: though we may be able to offer some advice, we will generally be unable to accompany members.

I have knowledge of a number of examples whereby managers have intimidated staff into signing statements which are detrimental to them and presented in a biased and unprofessional manner.  The process as identified on the Carphone Warehouse HR system is simply not adhered to.  Staff have felt the need to voice their opinions anonymously rather than report to their line managers or superiors.  Currently, external emails have been blocked in most regions throughout London as one staff member felt compelled to air his grievances to the whole Division from an external email account.

If you would like to be trained as a CWU rep to defend colleagues in disciplines and grievances, please get in touch.


Pulse is a survey system that Staff are required to take once a month.  Carphone states:

Pulse provides a snapshot of employee engagement levels and highlights areas which need improving. The results of a full survey give your manager an idea of how our employees are feeling and as a team, an action plan can be developed in order to improve areas of concern. The greater the response rate, the more accurate we can be about changing things that matter to you.  Your opinion matters make it count!

Examples of questions asked include:

Do you feel that there is someone at work who you trust?
Do you feel valued at work?
Do you feel that your are important to the company?

The results of this survey effect the Branch Manager’s bonus and the answers to these questions are not always fair or impartial or neccessarily always reflective of the performance of the Branch Manager.  This is also supposed to be an anonymous process yet you are required to enter your Branch number and job title before completing this.

What do you think? Post below or drop us an email with your views…



1. A.W. - April 30, 2010

“Pulse is a survey system that Staff are required to take once a month”

I have worked in CPW for nearly a year and have never done or heard of this survey.

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