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Need advice or support with a problem you’re having at work?  Got a discipline coming up, or feel you may be being treated unfairly?  This page is for you.

Already a union member?

Good move.  All you have to do is contact your local branch, or workplace rep, and arrange a meeting to go over your case and agree a strategy.  In the case of a discipline, you may like to wait until you have received your papers through the post from the company, laying out the charges before holding that meeting.  You have a right to postpone your discipline hearing for up to 5 working days in order to get a suitable time for your union rep or colleague of choice to attend – but let us know as soon as possible!  If you don’t know who your nearest rep is, use the contact us page to get in touch.

If appropriate, the union will support an Employment Tribunal against the company if initial hearing and appeal are unsuccessful.  This possibility means that the company always has to treat union members’ cases with a certain seriousness.

Not a union member?

You have to be a union member to get union support.  We can offer only limited support in the case of a discipline case which has already commenced when a member joins – normally limted to advice, and sometimes accompaniment at appeal stage.  However (apart from suggesting that you join now, in case another issue comes up in future), please contact your local branch or rep to discuss your individual problem.  Due to our own resources, and in order to prevent the union from being used as a charitable service, we are generally unable to offer proper support in cases which are already active at the time of joining.  Join now!

What are disciplines and grievances?

A discipline is the company’s process for workers who it believes may have stepped outside its rules.  Basically, it involves taking you through a series of meetings where evidence is heard, and you get questioned by the company.  If you have a colleague or union officer with you, they can interject on your behalf, make reference to points of law, and object to unfair process.

A grievance is the process workers can use to take up any issue they have with the company regarding what may be unfair treatment.  There is no limit to the issues that can be raised in a grievance, although we do encourage members to attempt to resolve issues informally where possible.  Like a discipline case, if grievances are not successful at appeal, they can sometimes be taken to an Employment Tribunal.

Got a question about your rights?

Ask away below, we’ll see what we can do – or drop us an email using the details on our contact page…



1. AngryCPWworker - February 24, 2010

i am being threatened with a disciplinary over an incident which forewarned the manager would happen as i could feel it was coming to that point where it had gone too far, he wasn’t only warned by me, but also by assistant managers. I all kicked off and guess what…..I get in trouble!!!!

I feel very mistreated as i am the victim in this whole situation (sorry cant go into detail of the events as its being escalated) but the other party is playing the victim very well, practically got them all under a spell…it’s plain disgusting, and right now i am in no way proud to work for the company.

I spoke to ACAS who advised me the managers behaviour is completely wrong, and he’s not in anyway acting as a manager, but more like a consultant, I really need to get the attention of CEO as theres a lot i’m sure they would be interested in.

I can’t join a union as this has already happened, so any advice wouild be great. I’m making a complaint and a grievance.


2. Clubman - March 13, 2010

your first action is to make contact with the CWU reps. Make contact with the admin of this site and ask them to call the reps on your behalf

You are not alone. Join the union NOW.

3. emma - September 9, 2010

has anyone heard about the new fingerprint scanners being introduced into stores is this true and as I am unwilling to submit my fingerprint what are cpw likley to do about it thanks

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