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Why join?

Carphone and TTG workers are Communication Workers Union members for two broad reasons:

Know your rights, know how to make them matter

If a contract change was proposed, or if you were treated unfairly, would you know if it was lawful, or if the proper process had been followed?  Trained CWU officers will be on hand to make sure that you have the right information, and backup when you need it.

Get support and representation in a discipline

In parts of the Carphone and TTG, the disciplinary process is used as a management tool, as opposed to a last resort in exceptional circumstances.  It can sometimes feel as though the objective is to push people through the process as fast as possible, not taking proper account of the circumstances faced by the individual.

CWU reps will help you understand and assert your rights to fair treatment and full consideration of all circumstances.

Take on unfair treatment

If you’re treated unfairly, do you know what steps to take?

Experienced union officers with a track record of winning for members at Carphone Warehouse will back you up.

Look out for each other

We’re aiming for a union working across all the departments and companies that make up the Carphone TTG companies.

The ulimate aim is a voice at work for everyone.

We all know that one of the main findings of the internal ‘Pulse’ survey is that workers do not feel listened to.  The point of a union is to make sure that this changes.  Because we do the work that makes the company tick, this will ultimately be better for the business and the customer.

Get involved

The CWU is a great community to be a part of.  Any member who wants to become active will have access to training in union skills, and the opportunity to play a role supporting colleagues across the business.



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