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Getting involved

A union is effective when people get involved.  Every worker has a legally protected right to join and be active on behalf of a union.  Several members are already active at various sites – but we want you to get involved to…

Be a union contact

> Union contacts don’t necessarily have the time to come to meetings, or want to represent colleagues at discipline hearings.  But they might be willing to give out information, gather colleagues’ views on ongoing issues, and act as a first point of contact for others.  They have access to information, support and training.

Be a union advocate

> Get trained up to represent colleagues in discipline hearings.  Learn how to support others, and help deliver a fair, lawful outcome for friends and colleagues.  Get support from your local branch whenever you need it.

Be a union rep

> Come to meetings when you can (about once a month).  Listen to the concerns of other workers, and try to use the union to address them.  Be a part of making positive change.  Often, union reps will also take on the defence of colleagues in discipline hearings.

Be a Carphone TTG  correspondent

>Keep us informed with what’s going on in your part of the business.  Write to us using the contact us page – but use a personal email address, not a work one!

… Or just speak to colleagues about joining!

Contact an organiser using the details on the contact page if you are interested.

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