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FAQs – your questions answered

My company doesn’t ‘recognise’ the union – what does this mean?

This just means that the company hasn’t decided to negotiate with the union yet.  Companies don’t tend to negotiate formally with unions until after more than half of employees in a distinct sector of the company have joined.  Often a smaller number of members can make a big difference by raising awareness of the need for change.

Is my membership confidential? What if my employer finds out?

Your membership is confidential—though many union members will happily make their membership public.  Every worker has a legally protected right to join and be active in a trade union.  We will vigorously defend this right.

Can I just join if I get in trouble?

No.  If you join with a problem, we can help out with advice, and in some cases will generally be able to provide representation at appeal stage.  In some cases, we may provide representation at first stage, but you do have to join.  Help yourself and your colleagues – join now!

I’m not sure I’ll be working here for long…

Your membership stays with you, wherever you work.  And anyway, even if you’re just here for a short while, it’s worth being a member during that time.  Lots of people also find they end up working somewhere longer than expected.

Is it really possible to get some changes at work?

Definitely.  It takes some determination, but CWU members make a difference every year in telecoms, financial services, post and call centres.  We will be publicising success stories on this website…



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