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Welcome February 25, 2012

Posted by eddiefitz in News.

One by one by one colleagues in both Carphone Warehouse and TalkTalk Group buildings around the country are joining the CWU. Most haven’t told anyone or made it known to their managers or even their team members. They don’t have to. Its a personal and private decision.  Under British Law every person has a right to join a union whether the union is recorgnised or not by their employer. But join they have and with membership comes benefits and protection and availability of free advice and comradeship.

Thankfully almost all are joining as they realise that not having an independent voice to ask a question or query a concern is not good. (We say “thankfully” because a small number join too late for us to help, deciding to wait until they find themselves under investigation or a disciplinary. We can’t help or get involved in cases starting before membership starts.)

So, Welcome to you all. If you want to get more involved including training courses (including a host of e-courses) or become a local contact for your Branch please contact either this website or email Alan Smith of the Organising Department at asmith@cwu.org

One by one we are joining together, positive and independent,  in the workplace.



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