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Life on the Streets. November 1, 2011

Posted by alancwu in News.

A report from the stores – this report wasn’t sent anonymously although we have posted it without the name attached.

“I have worked in CPW for over 8 years as a sales consultant on/off full time and part time. My current position is full time senior sales and has been for 5 years.

As a sceptic of the recent pay changes FORCED upon me I have found the survey to be just another small cog in a big machine that by design is manipulative in CPW’s favour. I am very aware that coaching the answers still goes on in many stores,especially due to the current pay structure and many,many managers not achieving bonus. This practice along with many others has to stop. But then again, where does CPW end and Best Buy Europe begin?

Many grey areas have been born in recent times,except when it comes to culling unwanted staff. LOSS PREVENTION is a very serious ongoing threat to all staff members and the reasons for getting discipined are fast becoming more vague and more frequent as the rules of what we do change.

World class scores determining my bonus is a joke,I work hard and follow the rules. In 4 years my wages have decreased year in year out, although I now have to work harder(I agree the standard of service has been increased and our customers are better treated as a result of WALK OUT WORKING) but to have a customer have any input into how much I get paid? Very wrong.

CPW had many good ideals and ideas before it joined BBE. It was a company that had pride in how it treated its customers and staff. I fear the staff have been sacrificed to a certain extent and the people in charge have either never known about the 5 fundamental rules or not worked in CPW when we lived, breathed and abided by them.

The good times are gone, the staff aren’t as dedicated, the staff aren’t as loyal and most importantly the staff do not buy into the company brand, but perhaps this will change? If the economy allows, CPW staff can work in many other high street stores and have the same level of pay, the benefits will be they will have to work for companies such as Tesco,Next,etc and when they go to their new jobs they will have plenty of relief as they will not have all of the stress that CPW/BBE FORCE upon us.

Finally- I believe if we all have unity we can be a part of the change. For better or worse it’s up to us.”



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