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Project Crystal Part 2? September 8, 2011

Posted by eddiefitz in News.

The announcement yesterday that 575 jobs in Waterford are gone, has raised the question, “Is this Project Crystal Part 2” ?

The company already lighter and “leaner” to meet the challenges ahead put 580 at risk ,and those who were left thought that was it for some time. A degree of safety perhaps, but no, a few short months later an entire call centre with 575 experienced and dedicated skilled workers are given 30 days notice.

A question for the company’s remaining employees to ask,  is-

What assurances can the remaining workforce, now under three thousand, have that Project Crystal isn’t going to be rolled out for Part 3 or 4?

The company needs to come clean. The workers across the entire group have bent over backwards and done all and more to facilitate a successful transition “post Crystal”, but, as the Waterford closure indicates there is no certainty that Crystal has actually finished.

Indeed, what remaining staff and managers alike need to know is the “what, where and when” is going to happen ( before it happens ),  and to be shown due respect for the dedication and hard work they have shown since the creation of the TalkTalk Group.

Allowing a feeling of grave doubt and uncertainty to fester in the remaining workforce will do nothing to increase any self esteem and confidence in planning for the future of themselves and their families.




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