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Tackling rapidly rising workplace stress is still a major issue August 25, 2011

Posted by eddiefitz in News, Rights.

Ten years ago…HSE research  revealed about….

five million workers in the UK experienced stress and half a million believe it makes them ill, costing the nation over £3.7 billion.

The 2003 Stressed Out survey by the Samaritans, the UK emotional support charity, found: “People’s jobs are the single biggest cause of stress… with over a third (36 per cent) of Briton’s citing it as one of their biggest stressors.”

Our hearts and minds can face intolerable pressures from work. Overwork, bullying, low job control and satisfaction, job insecurity, new ways of working, poor work organisation and pace of work can all cause work stress.

The mental symptoms of stress range from sleeplessness and listlessness through to clinical depression and suicide. The physical effects range from appetite loss and nausea through to heart damage and stroke.

A workplace with a lot of stress may suffer from high absenteeism, higher risk of accidents, industrial relations problems, demotivation and high labour turnove

TUC research in 2010 found that stress is now by far the most common health and safety problem at work.

Nearly two thirds (62%) of workplace union reps say that stress is in the top five problems faced by the workers they represent and more than a quarter of reps (27%) pick out stress as the hazard at work that most concerns them.

Your employer has a Duty of Care to you to ensure your health and safety is protected. That includes your mental health by ensuring stress levels are not excessive or prolonged.

If you feel severly stressed – speak up. Ask questions and make yourself heard because only by speaking out can the company help. If it doesnt know – it cant deal with it.

If you feel you are not listened to or being taken seriously – speak to your Union Rep.



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