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Shift changes anyone? August 6, 2011

Posted by eddiefitz in Consultation, News, Shifts, Warrington.

The only constant in life is…Change.

Thats certainly true when it comes to shift patterns being looked at, modified, changed or whatever its called.

The upshot is that the changes in shift patterns causes issues to many. Child care, poor public transport, weekend working to name but three.

So what can YOU do when a proposed change starts to be rollled out?

Firstly, is it going to cause you serious issues? If so, you need to raise these with your manager to see if the impact of the proposals can be minimised.


It might all depend on what your contract determines.

As part of your contract of employment, you should have a contractual number of hours (the number of hours you need to work either weekly, monthly or annually) and then have a ‘contractual span’ (what timeframes you may have to work those hours).

Because you may already work some weekends, its assumed your contractual span covers weekends already. There might be some other policy document that determines how many weekends you have to work, but if this is not a clause within your contractual span, this can be changed as the company may try to do in the future – as long as they can reasonably justify the request in the context of the needs of the business.

There are circumstances where the business might have an obligation to accommodate special requests to limit the regularity of weekend working, but these would normally be issues that have some legislative protection such as childcare or caring responsibilities or managing a disability or it’s symptoms. Unfortunately, your personal life is not something the company are obliged to accommodate.

As a good employer, they can accommodate it if they want, but they don’t have to.

remember, your opinion counts and after all, We are in the Communications Industry.



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