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“Can we have a word?” August 5, 2011

Posted by joseph hillstrom in News, Stress.

Stress is something we all need, apparently.

Too much stress however we can all do without I think you would agree?
The telecoms industry like many others has a reputation for burning out good people who, with careful management and a considerate approach, could get through those tough occasions we all hit.
The issue for “modern Britain” is that stress is often caused when processes – designed to reduce stress- don’t work or more commonly don’t exist.
Many people can cope when they know what is expected of them and they feel supported and appreciated, whether it be their team, manager or the company.
The major issue for an increasing number of us is the apparent lack of support and consideration when things go ‘wrong’.
“Can you come in for a chat?”
Many of us have heard this opening line from a manager (and managers – you have had this one from your manager too?) and it can mark the start of a horrible experience. Many telecom company reps have reported to the CWU, cases of members being shouted at, reduced to tears and left unattended in small rooms by managers who have “investigated” an issue. Some, sadly, have little choice but to leave the industry, so traumatized and seeking medical advise for depression, never to fully regain their confidence or self esteem.
This can be stopped.
Support and advise from people who have been through it and come out the other side. Stronger and wiser and ready to start again.

A union is just that – a union of people who mutually support each other. Help with advise. Offer support both personally and if needed, accompany you in “meetings” to help and support.

Many have waited and waited too long. They genuinely believe it wont happen to them.

Then, one day, a manager approaches and says “Can we have a word?”



1. Graham - August 6, 2011

As the rep for Stanford House the first call should be to HR who can often help with advice and the contact number for the Employee Assistance Program. The EAP details are on the company’s LOOP.
This is highly recommended.
If HR know – they can help – if they are not told the situation then they can’t. Obvious really
Alternatively, if you need to, CWU members can contact me via email or phone.

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