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Individual Consultation Underway February 21, 2011

Posted by alancwu in News.

Individual consultations are now underway. The CWU would stess that if you are an affected member of staff make sure that you register any concerns you have about the process – including concerns about the business rationale for the redundancies – in your individual consultation sessions. Hopefully you will be satisfied with the process TTG follow prior to any potential redundancies being confirmed – however, if you’re not happy it is useful to have registered your concerns, on the written record, as part of the process. This will be useful if you later enter into dispute with the company.

Also remember, if you are a member, you can take a Trade Union Rep into those consultations with you.

The group consultation continues alongside the individual consultations so don’t forget to raise concerns, ask questions etc. of your employee forum reps as well.

With reference to the employee forums – the CWU has been made aware that some forum reps have been told that they can only forward questions if that question has been asked by three individuals. This is a concern as very valid questions might be overlooked if those questions are asked by an insufficient number of employees. In our opinion this undermines the consultation process – please ask your forum rep if that is the guidance they have been given, and if it is raise that as an issue via the forums locally and nationally (having got a couple of colleagues to ask the same question – just in case!). The CWU will also raise this as an issue through CWU members who are on the forums.

We presume – if true – that this is a measure to avoid frivolous questions. If so it is an ill-advised measure for the reasons identified above.

If you want to get in touch: Alan Smith – asmith@cwu.org – 07894 461710






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