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Redundancy Update – Day 10 February 9, 2011

Posted by alancwu in News.

We are aware of some detail now from across TTG sites: staff in Stanford House – Warrington, Northampton, and sites in London and Stoke Mandeville were informed of their “at risk” status yesterday. Further announcements have been made today so it appears that staff are being made aware in tranches – if the process is on schedule all those affected should know by Friday 11th. Please let us know if your site has had news on affected staff.

It appears at the moment that the London sites and Stanford House are the worst affected, at least as far as headline numbers are concerned – although actual percentages of “at risk” staff are higher at some smaller sites.

We would urge you to contact your local CWU rep if you have one, or your local branch (see below for CWU point of contact), for advice on how to proceed. It is crucial now that there is some detail that there is a coordinated response to management proposals in the form of staff counter proposals. It might be necessary to coordinate counter proposals across more than one site. Your employee representatives are a resource for you in pulling this together – use them, but you will also find developing your own networks for the coordination and dissemination of info useful (if your networks contain CWU members ask them to get in contact with the union for additional support).

Remember that you are still in a consultation process – make sure you ask any questions now (even if they seem trivial), you won’t get another chance.

For further info or contact details for local CWU reps/ branches: Alan Smith – 07894 461710 – asmith@cwu.org



1. Anonymous-Ex-Opal - February 14, 2011

a day has come where people know if the have pooled or displaced,

some things are clear in the front line sales dpt being streamlines, most of the North and south (opal) ttgb sales guys and girls are being displaced.

what day to learn this. news will surley travle to them by end of the week.

2. Opal-talktak-insider - February 15, 2011

The spread sheet is out with who is displaced and those pooled and the lucky who are mapped,

Just matter of spreading the word and facing the music,

God bless the southern colleagues

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