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Project Crystal Prepares to Report January 4, 2011

Posted by alancwu in News.

We don’t have a crystal ball so we can’t second guess what that report will contain – although we can guess, with phrases like “efficiency savings” and “eliminating duplication” being used in recent press reports.

We’re keen to make sure that members and their colleagues are able to share info from across Talk Talk Group in the days following Project Crystal’s announcements. So, if you have info from your area of the business about changes in the crystalline structure let us know.

The CWU believes that workers should be fully involved in the decisions that affect their jobs, and if management is reluctant to involve you then we believe you should get involved anyway! So, to that end there will be meetings for members at some of the larger Talk Talk locations (off site), and we’ll arrange meetings at other sites if there is a demand for them (contact this blog).



1. Jim Bob - January 26, 2011

Any advice about the redundancies in CR (stanford) would be appreciated….

alancwu - February 2, 2011

Hi Jim Bob,

We will put up some details on handling a redundancy process in the next couple of days. In the meantime if you want some details on CWU reps/branches in your area who can answer more specific questions email me at asmith@cwu.org and I’ll put you in touch.

Alan Smith – CWU

2. Anon - January 26, 2011

They announced today that there will be 580 job losses, due to a restructure. They have started the consultation period, but as of yet no one really knows who is going. You will be either pooled, moved under a new director/leadership group or displaced. Many of the staff that have been told today, around 100 are in Stanford house, most of them have been with talk talk since day one. As I myself have, I have collegues who have been put through redundancy 4 times in 2 years. The company has no clue how to treat people. My department for example have just taken people on who are secconded from another department. They have been with us a week in their new roles to now be told they will be made redundant because they still come under the numers for another department. Luckily I seem to be safe, it begs the question however how a company can mis treat it’s employees so badly. Project crystal has come about via employees feedback, requested by the CEO to now shoot us in the foot with. We gave them to brain child of slimlining us. Once Stanford house is empty the long standing staff that have formed this large business will be out in the cold. So much for loyalty.

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