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All quiet on the CPW/TT front? August 27, 2010

Posted by alancwu in News.

Been a while since a post – so a bit of an update for you.

There have been some successful grievances pursued by CWU members in CPW and TalkTalk over the summer – we will bring you more detail (subject to legal constraints) once the money is safely in their bank accounts!

The important point about these successful grievances is that they prove that the company can be successfully challenged if they are not following a proper process. And the CWU is there to support you.

We will bring you some updates from the individual sites  over the next few days – but in the meantime:

the shops continue to have issues around staffing levels and the targets on part time/full time split in retail outlets – there appears to be a formula that is being pretty rigidly applied – at least in the midlands and the north west, if you  have more info get in touch;

the most worrying aspect of this apparent drive to reduce the number of workers with full time contracts in favour of part time contracts is an increase in disciplinary action – we have some anecdotal evidence that full time workers in parts of the country are more likely to be disciplined and “managed out of the business”; whether or not this bias is related to targets on full time/part time split is the question? Once again, get in touch if you’ve got more detail – and if you think you or your colleagues are being targeted remember the CWU is yours and it’s there to support you – let us know;

and part time retail workers continue to have problems of their own – bungles over wages being common (see comments) – and, ironically, long hours;

elsewhere things seem to have calmed down over the summer – but there are still rumbles in parts of CPW over potential redundancies, with North Acton on the radar in this respect;

Performance Related Pay is being floated in parts of TalkTalk and members have raised their concerns that while the carrot is being emphasised by the company they have fears that the stick will be more in evidence once the scheme is implemented; Carphone Worker would like to stress the importance of making sure that you confront any abuse of such schemes – we can put you in touch with CWU members and CWU reps in your workplace who can provide advice and support – our contact details are detailed on this site.



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