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World Cup Fever? June 18, 2010

Posted by alancwu in News.

In an extraordinarily heavy-handed display Talk Talk management have announced a one month amendment to the sickness policy – any sickness, even a day, for the duration of the world cup (June 11th to July 11th, 2010) must be certificated by a GP.

The NHS’s own website states that sick notes will only be issued by GPs for sickness absence in excess of seven days – fewer than seven days should be covered by self-certification. It might be possible to get a sick note from your GP for periods of absence below seven days but there might be a charge (one member reckons she would be charged £11.50).

This is obviously meant to be a deterrent for staff contemplating throwing a sickie to watch world cup matches – the blurb accompanying the policy amendment states as much – but what kind of authoritarian numb-skull thought this was an appropriate way to deal with the potential problem?

This measure may indeed deter some staff from developing world cup fever – but it certainly makes life more difficult for those who are unfortunate enough to be genuinely sick during the next month.

Surely Talk Talk managers could have found more creative and supportive ways around the issue by talking to their staff?

If you are unlucky enough to fall ill this month and you end up forking out for a doctor’s note then it would seem only reasonable for Talk Talk to reimburse you – let Carphone Worker know if you have any problems.

If any of our members run into trouble or have any concerns over this policy change please contact us for advice – either tell your site CWU rep, call your branch or contact one of our organisers.



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