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When does a procedure become a procedure? When it comes and bites you in the rear! May 4, 2010

Posted by alancwu in News.

Carphone Worker is aware via members that TT and CPW management can choose to ignore procedure when it suits them (not all management by any means – but a significant proportion). And in a bonus driven environment where employee and management rewards are based on hitting targets company procedure can also be forgotten.

And sometimes employees can be encouraged to “stretch” procedure, or even ignore it, by their own managers.

This is fine until, for whatever reason – genuine or malicious, an employee is investigated for infringing company procedure and suddenly management who have previously, tacitly or directly, condoned that behaviour are squeaky-clean-procedure-junkies and the employee is left dangling on the rope they have paid out.

Protect yourself! Make sure you are aware of the procedures that apply to your work area (your employer should make you aware – if they don’t then the onus should be on them in any potential disciplinary situation). If you are in doubt about how to proceed raise it with management and record the response – and contact your union rep.

If you find yourself in a position where you are taking the blame when management have failed to support you through proper supervision and/or training then seek immediate advice from your union rep or branch.

Join the union! We’re on your side.

If this article raises any questions in your mind contact CWU Organiser, Alan Smith – asmith@cwu.org – mob: 07894 461710



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