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Happy Demerger! March 29, 2010

Posted by alancwu in News.

Today Talk Talk and Carphone become two separate PLCs – good luck to you all in the companies you have been intrumental in building into extremely profitable concerns. And good luck to those colleagues who will shortly be leaving Talk Talk and Carphone as part of the round of redundancies that have led up to the demerger.

The following is a statement from one of our Talk Talk site reps on behalf of CWU members:

“The CWU will not “demerge” our members in Carphone and Talk Talk; we believe that the supportive networks that members have created across the companies are too important – we will continue to communicate across the company boundaries and build on the work that we have done in supporting and representing our colleagues – we believe that we can continue to learn from each other and the wider our community, the more inclusive our networks, the better.

Talk Talk, as Dido Harding – the new CEO – acknowledges in her demerger address, is a successful company thanks to the hard work and committment of its staff – and we should share in the fruits of that success as well as the shareholders.

We would like to ask Dido – on behalf of CWU members and their colleagues – will the £40-50 million of savings she states have been promised to shareholders in the Tiscali integration involve job losses? And, if so, will the process be handled with more sensitivity than the recent job losses in Warrington, Preston, Northampton, Portsmouth and Wednesbury?

We welcome the joint statement from Charles and Dido that communication is essential in making both companies a success, and her committment to improving those communications. We ask that these communications be open and meaningful.

Working together – management and employees – we will continue to make both companies a huge success.

With regards to Charles and Dido,

from the members of the CWU working for both of you to make both companies a success.”



1. South Acton - April 10, 2010


19 Jobs have been put at risk and it had been anounced on 09th April. 30 days of consultation period wil be begun next week. We have been told that we need to elect one representative only and this needs to be done by coming wednesday morning (14th) and start the meeting with the HR and management on the same day! We have told that six positions will remain. So there will be six people to do 19 people’s work in near future.

Fast track towards redundancy. Most of effective service from CPW GIS so far. Welcome to the era of cost efficiency!

2. Clubman - April 18, 2010

you need to get in touch with the cwu asap. the disgraceful antics at Kelvin Close recently shows that (some) HR are operating very close to the wind legally and without doubt immoral as they have bullied and lied to people. Its a disgrace how this company is operating.
They are NOT a caring company when it comes to managing people.
JOIN the CWU and start fighting back.

My thoughts to all of you. How long will the six remaining staff last with a three fold plus increase in workload.??

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