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Consultation Concerns at Warrington. March 24, 2010

Posted by alancwu in News.

A members meeting in Warrington has highlighted huge problems with the consultation process over the 92 “at risk” posts.

Affected staff have raised many questions through the 30 day consultation process – reduced from 90 days (see earlier post) – which have simply not been answered. Many staff feel the entire process is a sham and that the company is simply ticking the consultation box rather than being genuinely committed to consulting staff. The group consultation has a long list of questions marked “to be confirmed” that are still waiting for an answer as people move towards their dismissal date. And that is just the questions people have been able to ask; one group consultation invited questions from affected staff via email – one problem, the deadline for receipt of those questions had already expired by the time the email went out!

The latest insult came as workers were told their line managers would not be available for one to one consultations as the entire management team was in South Africa dealing with a crisis – the crisis at home was obviously well down the priority list.

Other serious concerns highlighted at the meeting include supposedly redundant posts turning up in job adverts before the current post holder has even left the company – if this is the case then it is a serious breach and might be open to legal challenge.

The CWU is available to answer any questions you might have about how you have been treated through the redundancy process.

Remember – if you have reason to believe you have not been fairly treated raise it with the company – the grievance procedure exists to deal with such concerns, and CWU members have a legal right to CWU representation through that procedure. You can submit a grievance now (and if you are concerned that you are being unfairly treated then now is the time), but you can also submit a grievance for up to three months after your dismissal from the company.

Redundancies are never easy but a properly handled process can address some of peoples concerns and at least allow them to feel it has been fair. Many staff at Warrington do not feel the process has been fair.

The CWU would like to stress that despite misinformation that you might have received from the company you have an absolute legal right to belong to a trade union, and an absolute legal right to representation from your trade union in disciplinary and grievance procedures. A company does not have to recognise a union for you to have those legal rights – they are your rights, not something that is in the gift of your employer.

If you have similar concerns at your site please contact Carphone Worker.



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