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Demerger Watch: 92 at risk in Warrington – and now Northampton threatened with closure. February 17, 2010

Posted by alancwu in News.

Now there are some numbers for potential job losses at Warrington – apparently 92 workers are threatened with redundancy as part of the ongoing assault on non customer facing roles.

According to Talk Talk this is “good news” – it’s certainly good news for the company as they’ve slashed the consultation period from 90 days to 30 days.

Affected staff were engaged in a 90 day consultation period as that is the minimum period for which a company can consult if over 99 staff are threatened with redundancy. Below 99 the minimum consultation period is at least 30 days before the first dismissals take place. Carphone Worker wants to stress –  “at least” 30 days, not “at most” – it could be longer than 30 days,  and it certainly isn’t true, as some managers have told staff, that they have to reduce the consultation period  to 30 days.

Another mystifying development is the reported intention to close the Northampton call centre (see comments) – Talk Talk has stressed that it is non customer facing roles that are affected in the run-up to demerger. Northampton – a call centre – is well and truly customer facing, and as the company is already struggling to cope with the level of calls closure of a contact centre seems bizarre. But it does make sense of the recruitment drive at Preston while there is no similar recruitment drive at Northampton.

On the plus side, with the jobs freeze, there is a ceasless tide of overtime at Northampton at the moment (with some high pressure tactics being used to press people into doing it!) – wear your employees out before chucking them away, eh?


CWU Organisers in your region:

Midlands & North – Alan Smith 07894 461710 asmith@cwu.org

London & South – Tom Dale 07764 656148 tdale@cwu.org

Individual sites:

Preston – Kevin Leetion 07894 461712 kleetion@cwu.org

Warrington & Irlam – Tom Dale 07894 461713 tdale@cwu.org

Wednesbury – Neil Singh 07525 298835 nsingh@cwu.org

Northampton – Alan Smith 07894 461710 asmith@cwu.org



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