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The Longest Commute January 25, 2010

Posted by alancwu in News.

“The Longest Commute?”

CPW Human Resources Service Centre, Wednesbury – “Your job’s being outsourced
but you can transfer into the new contractor…in India”.

32 workers in HRSC, which covers HR support for CPW (including payroll), were
told that their jobs are going to India. This follows a “due diligence” period
in which staff had to prepare a counter proposal to try and save their own jobs.
This proposal was presented to a senior CPW manager in December, but
ultimately the decision was taken to outsource the service to Infosys in India.

The four workers who were elected to represent their colleagues through the
initial consultation and counter proposal resigned their positions in early
January – their reasons for stepping down were poor communication from the
company and its lack of respect for the affected workers. Support from HR was offered to prepare the counter proposal but this was declined due to the breakdown in trust.

So 32 workers are now threatened with redundancy – the three month
consultation period will expire in April, although there is a possibility that some staff will be retained beyond this period to help train the Infosys workers who will take their jobs.

CPW has offered affected staff a transfer to India although it was acknowledged that people are probably not going to take up that offer! The fact that staff have been told that their pay would be set at the market
rate in India is probably not going to make a transfer any more attractive. TUPE protection of terms and conditions, including pay, is not enforcable on a company operating outside the UK .



1. Mr Lee - January 27, 2010

Terrible news handled Dreadfully

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