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Green light? Red card more like… December 9, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in Bonuses, TalkTalk, Targets.

A Carphone Worker correspondent at Preston has got in touch to let us know about the latest change with massive consequences for take home pay…

Another issue with the talk talk ‘green light authorisation’ process has occurred this week with no prior warning and massive consequences for individuals bonus. They have scrapped the process for green lighting adherence for 15 minutes or less meaning if you are stuck on a call and go on your break 14 minutes late it will show you as not adhering to your breaks, thus potentially putting you out of adherence and risking part of your bonus. Everyone is concerned about this as it could have massive implications.  I have tried to talk to my manager about this but as usual been given a pre programmed ‘I don’t care ‘ response.

STOP PRESS!  Further update from our correspondent:

I found out this afternoon after further questioning that they have reduced our adherance target 2% now (what I work out to equate to about 10 minutes from 95 to 93%, still only giving you approx 35 minutes leeway, ten minutes late for a break puts you 20 minutes out on your schedule!) and claim this will account for any changes.  This is rubbish as we always have a queue so unless you are lucky enough to have all your calls end exactly when your break starts you have no chance of logging out in time unless you ‘fudge your stats’  i.e., claiming to need to call the customer back in ten minutes, droping the call or deliberately making yourself over 15 minutes out.   This will have a massive impact on customer service also and could leave employees falling foul of quality guidelines etc.

Want to do something about this sort of thing?  Get in touch…



1. Clubman - January 6, 2010


Is this another example of caring more about generating good stats for ‘proving’ good management processes?
We have known this is the case for years. Some managers ( and we reiterate “some”) are only interested in what makes a good stat as this directly effects their bonuses.
As for everyone else?

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