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Support the posties! October 21, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in About us.

From tomorrow, Royal Mail workers – members of the CWU, our union – will be staging 24 hour strikes across the country.  From midnight on Thursday, Mail Centres (larger distribution and sorting offices) will be out, while from early Friday morning there will be picket lines at your local delivery offices.


Some newspapers, such as the Sun, have been delivering virulent anti-worker propaganda.

The reality is, the posties are fighting for tens of thousands of working class jobs.  They are fighting for them to continue to be the sort of job that can support a family; not a casualised workforce, paid a little over £7 an hour, like postal workers in Germany, or a part time one, like in Holland.

Of course, it can be frustrating when that package or letter you’re waiting for doesn’t arrive.  But some posties – including those in London, who’ve been striking for one day a week for more than 15 weeks – have lost more than £1,000 in wages already.  Postal workers do not do this lightly.  They do it in defense of a postal service run on the basis of the public interest, and solid working class jobs.   To find out what post workers are saying about their strike, click these two links:

If you can, before work on Friday, considering stopping by your local delivery office (where you pick up parcels from if they can’t be delivered), and talk with your local posties – and hopefully fellow union members  – about why they’re taking the action they are.  Give them your support.  Viva la posties!



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