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Interview with Graham Armstrong, CWU rep at Opal in Stanford House October 9, 2009

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Graham and Frank Lang, fellow CWU rep at Opal, have recently been spreading the word to fellow TalkTalk group workers at the nearby Kelvin Close site, also in Warrington.  If you work for TalkTalk in the North West and want to speak to Graham, you can contact him on 07828 673847 or cwugraham@rocketmail.com

Why did you decide to become a rep?

The reason for me becoming a Rep at Opal was after a good hard working person was given a Final Written warning for an offence that should have been thrown out.  Weeks later she left the company.  There are people who don’t know how to speak up.   They just need good independent advice so they can make empowered decisions to defend themselves.
What does it involve?

Representing fellow workers at discipline hearings, or helping them pursue a grievance if appropriate.  Staying in touch with my local CWU branch, Liverpool Clerical.  Raising the profile of the union within Stanford House.  Above all, listening to others and never stop asking questions.

Have you had any hassle as result?

No.  Indeed I have had positive response from local management.

What’s going on for Opal workers at the moment?

Lots. Processes are regularly introduced that people don’t understand and training that falls well short of what is required are cause for constant concern. Someone once said, “The only true constant in life is Change”. Whoever said that must have worked in the telecoms industry. What is normal practice in the morning is old hat after lunch. Change for changes sake is another matter. Process’s that people don’t understand and training that falls short are also constant causes for concern.

What have you achieved so far?

Raised the profile of the CWU from nothing to being openly talked about. People have opinions and there are increasing numbers who are starting to believe they have a voice that can be heard. Membership is growing steadily.

What are your aims for the future?

I would like to think that when I retire Opal will be The Leader in its field. This will come a lot sooner if we all work together in a true open and honest environment.  And that means Recognition and collective discussion, conciliation and agreements for all.

Do you have what it takes to be a CWU rep?  Contact us for more information on our trainings…



1. KR - November 3, 2010

we need more members in stanford house for the Jeopardy dept

looking foward to collective bargaining 🙂

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