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Attacks on shop workers exposed in Mobile Today September 18, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in Shops.

An article in industry magazine Mobile Today is critical of Carphone’s recent moves to cut full time positions in store.  The CWU assisted Mobile Today with research for the article.  See our past coverage by clicking on our Shops tag.

The company is thought to be reducing its number of full timers in favour of part time staff

Carphone Warehouse retail staff have accused the company of making cuts ‘under the guise of flexibility’, following a number of recent changes.

Concerns were raised after sales and customer director Steve Blan sent an email to retail staff informing them that Carphone does not ‘have the flexibility that we need in stores and we need to be more efficient’.

Since the email, area managers and retail managers have met to create ‘ideal’ rotas with the objective of having ‘people in the right place at the right time’.

The company is now focusing on increasing the number of part time staff and has stopped recruiting full time employees, Mobile understands.

Some staff believe the company is hoping to switch the ratio of full time employees from 65% to 35% and replace them with more part time staff.

One employee said: ‘Some staff are being asked to reduce their hours by as much as 10 hours per week, that is a third of their income, and it is all under the guise of flexibility.

‘They are asking people to sign forms to say they know hours have been changed. It is truly, truly despicable.’

The Communications Workers Union, which represents Carphone retail staff, has received complaints over staff being expected to work across different stores within the same week, some being hundreds of miles apart, without travel reimbursement.

Communications Workers Union field organiser Mark Norris said: ‘We will be contacting Carphone on behalf of all the staff and on behalf of our members, and our intention is to contact Steve Blan directly.

‘For a company that is supposed to be family friendly, it’s disgusting that they can treat their employees in such a way.’

A Carphone spokesman said: ‘Every quarter we adjust our budget requirements, targets and shift patterns to meet projected levels of customer footfall and demand. We are not cutting back on any positions.’

Read the original Mobile Today story here – and add your comments below the article!

And remember, you only get the rights you’re organised to win: join the union now!



1. Clubman - October 4, 2009

once the shops have been “sorted” I suppose the management will turn their attentions to the call centres to make them more “efficient”

Forewarned is fore armed – join the union now before you get targeted

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