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Shall I compare thee to a… headset? September 5, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in About us.

Poetry about call centres?  Surely not?!  Carphone Worker was surprised to come across the below, written as a farewell letter by a call centre-worker working for a company called Blu in Florence, Italy:

regards to the virtual and direct controls,
to the controllers and the monitoring;
regards to the corporate language…
regards to the call times, the welcome phrases, the scripts;
to the bureaucracy and the procedures;
regards to the partition walls, the air-conditioning, the workplaces;
to the revolving doors, the badge, the barriers;
regards to impersonality, standardisation, the bluish grey;
regards to the mission (!) and to the values (uh!);
informal regards to the informal atmosphere,
which connects those who have difficulties paying the rent
with those who earn thousands every month…
regards to the false promises and to those who made them…
angry regards to those who preached peace, the leaden feet, obedience;
regards to the indispensable firemen, regards to the unionists…
regards, without envy, to all the bootlickers on every level;
kind regards to all those who kept their dignity…
warm regards to all the friends I found and who found me…


Send your own call-centre (or Carphone) related poem to Carphone Worker and we will publish it (anonymously, unless you ask otherwise). Best effort wins one month’s free membership!  Haikus and limericks accepted.



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