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Shops: proposed cuts to full time positions leave workers asking questions September 2, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in Shifts, Shops.

Carphone Worker hears that some full time positions are being cut in most regions across the country, with the result that some staff will be forced on to part time contracts, and to move to work in other stores.  As ever, the communications process from the top is a clear as mud, with as much being speculation and hearsay, rather than a straightforward set out plan.  But from several different locations, we hear:

  • Around four full time positions are being cut per region (apparently, in those regions where people have contacted us)
  • Some workers have been told they may be asked to move shops, or even to work in two different shops during the working week
  • Some workers  have been told they may be asked to start working part time hours

We understand that some of these proposed changes may not be legitimate, given workers’ terms and conditions – and we’d advise everyone to look at their contract of employment.  If you are concerned about these changes, and want to know how about questioning whether they should be implemented for you, contact Tom on 07894 461713 or tdale@cwu.org.  If you have more information or advice, post below.


A CWU organiser has found what is probably at the root of this, as described by an press release posted on Personnel Today:

The Carphone Warehouse, has selected Kronos for Retail [a computer program] to manage the scheduling of 5,000 staff across seven European countries.

Kronos will provide a fully automated employee scheduling solution that will analyse historical trading data, projected sales figures, labour standards, and employee availability before creating the optimum staffing schedule for each store.

We will give a coconut to anyone who can find a mention of looking after workers anywhere in the press release.  Feeling ‘optimised’ now?

p.s. Carphone Worker hates to sound like a broken record.  But this stuff doesn’t just happen with a strong, active, well organised union.  Shop workers are joining the CWU slowly but steadily.  Join us!  If you want to be active with the union, and want to speak to other active members, get in touch!



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