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Carphone Worker August 09: focus on Union Learning August 31, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in Carphone Worker News Sheet, Learning.

Open Carphone Worker 4 as a PDF here

The August issue of Carphone Worker – which most members should already have seen a copy of – focuses on the benefits to members of union learning.  See the editorial below.  It also contains an article on Charles Dunstone’s new Academy school in Preston, and the march in Wednesbury that was part of the union’s successful campaign for the reinstatement of the CWU rep at the Wednesbury site.

Editorial of Carphone Worker 4

Unions aren’t just about organising for better conditions at work—though that is important!

Unions are also about helping members get more out of life through education and training. This is called ‘union learning’.

Union learning is a tool for members of the Communication Workers Union to find courses that will work for them (generally for free). Examples of courses include:

  • Qualifications for work—such as IT—that could take you to the next level.
  • Courses for you and your family such as literacy, numeracy, and basic skills.
  • Courses for fun: learn a new language, get the most out of your digital camera, or use a map and compass on the hills!

Many companies work with unions to help deliver union learning. Carphone isn’t one of them yet, but that doesn’t stop you joining the CWU, and making use of union learn!

Interested in union learning?  Get in touch with us!  This issue of Carphone Worker includes more details of courses and info on how you can become a union learn rep. Open Carphone Worker 4 as a PDF here



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