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Briefing for CPW CSA workers – bonuses and targets August 17, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in Bonuses, Carphone Warehouse, Stress, Targets.

Download a PDF version of this briefing here

Do you work in CPW Customer Support or Fanatical Support?  This matters for you!

Several people who have been at this company for years, people who are respected as workers, have walked out the door.  Everyone says, “this used to be a great company to work for…”  Most people are looking for another job.  Lots of people are stressed, off sick, or getting headaches.  Some workers are taking home several thousand pounds less a year than they were a couple of years ago, even though they’re doing the job better.


  • The targets and bonus structure have been changed so that some of us are earning three thousand pounds less than we were a few years ago.  It’s becoming harder and harder to make the grade.  The targets might be possible for a few, but they’re no longer reasonable.  Promises about how the bonus structure would be changed have been broken.  There was no consultation; there has been no universal training programme on how to perform under the changes.
  • If we help a customer during a break, we are now putting our bonus at risk: in this, and other ways, good customer service is being penalised.  Sometimes we take the hit, sometimes the customer does.  Workers are losing out, the customer is losing out.
  • Action plans and disciplinary measures are being threatened on those not hitting 300 seconds AHT (more in Fanatical).  Didn’t it all used to be about the quality of service and a good first time fix?
  • All this is just an attempt to cut costs at workers’ expense.  Let’s be honest: doing all this during a recession is taking advantage. Carphone is doing fine, but they think that no one will make a fuss because of the recession.  We’re being squeezed purely and simply because the company think they can get away with it.

What are our rights?

You have a right in law to be consulted on any ‘significant’ change to your terms and conditions; a change which means you are taking home £250 or £450 a month less is ‘significant’.  In fact, Carphone routinely ignores this legal right.

More importantly, we have a moral right to be treated decently.  This is the main issue: we don’t have to put up with this.

What do we do?

This would never happen in a unionised workplace.  If we were organised, the company would have to negotiate with us over any proposed changes, and we’d be ready to take action if we needed to.

Join the union NOW! You have a legal right to join, you cannot be penalised for being a member or being active. The CWU has hundreds of members across Carphone, and growing steadily.

If you want to be part of our campaign for fairer conditions in Carphone, would like to join the union or have any other questions, please get in touch with us – details below.


CWU rep in Carphone Customer Support, Laura Johnson: laura.katherine.johnson1@gmail.com.

CWU Carphone Warehouse organisers Tom Dale (tdale@cwu.org, 07894 461713) or Mark Norris (mnorris@cwu.org, 07894 461717).

The local CWU branch (Central & West Lancs) on 01772 200222

How do I join?

Call 0800 731 7434 during ‘office hours’, or 07894 461713 any time to join by phone

Click ‘about the union’ above, and download an electronic form for Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

Get a paper form from your union rep and return it to them

Call the Central  & West Lancs branch office on 01772 200222



1. anonymous - September 1, 2009

you should see how they mange the direct sales and e-sales targets, nearly 15 kpi and i am sure some of them break fsa rules as well , new targets introduce being introduce half way through the month … and no clear indication on the final pay cheques if what you have been paid for and regualry been underpaid, even if you hit targets

2. unfortunate workers - August 21, 2010

some carphone warehouse branches located in central london have a more meaner way of doing things, always breaking fsa rules and selling more then two pay as you go handsets to the same person and of course not to forget the forceful threatening ways to sell so much beyond target even tho the company states on the media that it is not commission based which mealy to brush of customers to make believe that carphone warehouse is more customer focused which is an absolute lie, this company proves to be by far a unprofessional company to work for which like to just brush things under the carpet,
still force staff to sell no matter what even if the customer says no then staff are threatened for actions against them, very poor management which mainly will be managed by poorer area managers too.

The company states that they have made a structure for staff to get paid in a better and more efficient way’s which is nonsense because if the company did not have money and if they are cutting costs and not benefiting off staff members potential bonuses(commission) then how did the head quarters at acton manage to give or most of the higher rank directors top branded new cars straight after their Audit!!!
and arrange a very expensive event for all staff to party all night long for one day, staff would rather prefer to party at the end of every month after selling in a more customer focused environment with commission as a reward.

carphone warehouse have just changed the wording from commission to bonus and in that process minused commission and thrown in a bonus structure which only gives the directors that extra bit of pocket money as one did mention when visiting branches
” you lot need to sell more so i can get my new car”

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