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Adding insult to injury… August 13, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in Bonuses, Shops.

Shop workers tell Carphone Worker that some of them have lost up to £3,000 a year as a result of the changes to the bonus structure. But never mind!  It’s a selling point!  Carphone Worker saw this on a spare copy of Metro earlier today:


0% tact
100% solutions imposed from above

We’ve reported on the changes before (see here).  Since then, a couple of shop workers have contacted us.  Jay tells us that:

per contract CPW gets anything between [£] 350-600 and it’s even more on Orange as the network continues to share profit long term with CPW. £100 and £200 quoted are only GROSS NOTIONAL MARGIN assigned to each store when they make a sale.

… so apparently the company has even more margin to play with than we first thought.  And Paul says:

the company are proposing to offer 37.5 hour contracts to all ‘customer consultants’ which essentially means they’re doing away with our paid dinner breaks , not that many of us actually get one!!! Point is this will be the eqivalent of another £2500.00 pay cut. Now they say this will be voluntary but we all know the disgraceful way this company operates. I would urge all retail staff to join the union post haste and help us to help you get the respect, dignity and salary you deserve. Its got be worth the few quid a month membership fee.



1. any - August 17, 2009


I have worked as a sales consultant for 6 years now. In that time I have been treated really well but recently things have changed for the worse. The new Deal lauched in our region last month and i have had my 2nd wage slip i am loosing up to £800 a month in commison, I feel CPW are not following the 5 fundementals it laid down when the comapany firsrt opened. They are not looking after its people, They are not doing the right thing for us, and they can get away with it because people are not willing to talkabout in fear of loosing there jobs. Usally when companys change there pay structure they consult there team am make sure it will work for them.

The new deal is great if we hit target and hit all the compass points and get above 60% happy customers. But the system does not work for expample in my branch we bring the most margin in the comapny, for a retail store and last month we had hit target way before the month had finished we had hit our monthly bonus and our world class customer service score but in the last week carphone added 4 more extra scores even though we had 40 results back (Carphone told us we only had 40 texts sent to customers to find out how good the service is) Now we have lost 300 pounds out of our bouns pot. We contacted our RGM and he was clueless, Hes been brought in from DSG and has not got a clue on how to manage our regeion, He is a newkid and has come from the currys group. His managment style needs addressing as he wont deal on our level, He has 5 group managers how are to be quite frank the biggest waste of time ever. The RGM is not bothered about the people in our region and he certianly not brought the magic back to our region. The only reason our region runs is because of its great sales staff and knowlege. Over the last 6 months i have been promised progression and i havent had it, Every position that comes up, the RGM puts another person from currys into our store. Am getting sick of it, They cant sell washing machines how the hell are they gonna sell phones any way,

I feel charles is letting us down, we work so hard for him and we get peanuts back. They wont let us express our opionion at all in this company and am sick of it.

paul - August 18, 2009

This is par for the course unfortunatley. They ae hitting the people who have built the business up over the years the hardest, even after we’ve made huge sacrifices already. The Curry’s brigrade almost brought that business to its knees then they all jumped ship to CPW. Funny enough since their departure Currys seem to be on the up while CPW is slowing dying.

Whats more frustrating than anything is managements (not most branch managers I have to say) ability to deny whats going on and try to turn it on its head as some sort of postive benefit for us. It really is unbelivable that the company ae still trying to maintain that the New Pay Deal was brough in to benefit us ‘customer consultants’ which is why RGM’s etc have lost the respect of the vast majority of their staff.

An interesting point is that they forget most of us are customers as well. I have cancelled my Talktalk and will never buy anything from CPW again even though I’m losing out on my staff discount.

I would urge you to spread the word and get all our colleagues to follow suit and obviously join the union as well. Lets not let them get away with it anymore.

2. John - August 20, 2009

Why does CPW keep getting all these managers and RGM’s from other companies, such as DSG. We need people who have been in CPW for years so they know what their staff are talking about…

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