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Wanted at Wednesbury: night shifts and, erm, running water? July 29, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in Health & Safety, Shifts, Wednesbury.

Should the night shift be brought back?

Night shift workers transferred onto day shifts at Wednesbury Logistic Centre are convinced that overtime working on Saturdays is proof that the company’s decision to cease the night shift was badly judged. Many of the night shift workers are unhappy that they have been forced onto days – one CWU member said, “Many people have been working on nights for years – they have family responsibilities that mean they need to be available during normal working hours, and the night shift meant they could do that.” She added, “The company hasn’t been very sensitive over the hours people work on the day shift either – which would have been one way of giving people the flexibility they need to care for their families”.  Workers at the site report there is a backlog of repairs already, in spite of the overtime, and many would be happy to see the night shift return.

Tapping your potential!


A recent crisis at Wednesbury Logistics Centre highlighted the need for health and safety reps at the site. The water supply to the site was cut for several hours on Monday 27th July; fortunately only for a few hours but the impact on staff at the site was immediate – with no drinking water, no flushing toilets and no way of washing their hands.

The Health and Safety Executive advice in such situations is for Health and Safety reps to liaise with the company to find ways of working around the problem – unfortunately we don’t have any safety reps at Wednesbury!  Could you be that rep?  It’s a positive role and one for which you will receive training and plenty of CWU support.  Help make a positive difference at work and add to your CV. Contact CWU organiser Alan Smith on 07894 461710 or asmith@cwu.org



1. Ken Kaniff - July 30, 2009

In response to your comments about the lack of running water at Wednesbury on Monday 27th July. This problem was down to the water company and it affected everyone in the area.
Problems like this do occur, just like power cuts etc….

I find it highly idiotic, that you think Carphone Wednesbury as some sort of hidden agenda and would like to starve all their employees of air and water??

[edited – we’re not getting into slanging matches]

2. tomcwu - July 31, 2009

Hi Ken,

Obviously Carphone didn’t do it on purpose! If you read the above again, we don’t suggest they did. The point we’re making is that when things like this happen – as they inevitably will do on occasion – that the Health & Safety Executive reccomends liaising with the union health and safety reps, and so there is a positive role for the union there.

Thanks for your comments.

3. Tom - August 1, 2009

Do they not have water machines or did these cost too much? Yet CPW can afford to send managers half way around the country and stay overnight to attend a meeting…

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