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Week of action begins! July 27, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in Carphone Worker News Sheet, Shops, Union busting.

Up and down the country this week, members of the Communication Workers Union will be raising public awareness of the victimisation of two CWU members for speaking out at work, and standing up for fair treatment.  The two members at the company’s Wednesbury logistics centre have been sacked for speaking out at work.

CWU members will be engaging with the public outside Carphone Warehouse stores, handing out leaflets.  However, because we are a union for all workers, we are not asking the public to boycott the shops: sales staff in shops depend on the commision.  CWU members will also be engaging with workers in the shops to explain what we are doing and why, and to give out the first edition of Carphone Shop Worker, a news sheet for staff in shops.


The CWU has been forced to take this action by the intransigence of local management in Wednesbury, and senior management at Group level, who refuse even to respond to our letters.  For more information, contact Tom Dale on tdale@cwu.org or 07894 461713.



1. Tom - August 1, 2009

Surely the union will be handing out leaflets at next weeks Cowes Week? Not only a Carphone Warehouse store but Mr Dustone himself on site all week…

2. tomcwu - August 3, 2009

Ha. Maybe not this week, let’s give him a chance. But I’ll stick in the calendar for next year…

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