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TT home movers: workers speak out together… July 27, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in Bonuses, Preston, TalkTalk.

38 workers in the Home Movers department (TT Operations) in Preston have signed a letter to TT OPs Customer Service Manager James Snellgrove, asking for a meeting.  The workers want to talk to Mr Snellgrove about a series of concerns, including bonuses, targets, holidays, and performance management.

In particular, workers are concerned about changes in the bonus structure which make their bonus payout dependent on the statistics relating to the Service Level Agreement.  Because this is in turn affected by how much work is coming in, it is not something that the workers have any control over: however well they work, if more work in total comes into the department, they may still lose their bonus as a result.

The 38 workers put their names to the letter, which was also signed by CWU branch officer Glenn Slater.  In total, 40 of the 50 workers in the department had the chance to sign the letter: a very strong signal.  The letter was handed to Mr Snellgrove on Friday 17 July.

Carphone Worker hears alot from workers who aren’t happy with changes that have been made, in particular when bonus structures or shift patterns are changed in ways that don’t take them into account.  If all workers spoke out together, maybe we’d be able to do something about it.    The Home Movers workers have taken an excellent step in this direction.



1. Shaun van Breda - September 28, 2009

strongly agree

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