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‘New deal’ hits shop workers hard July 10, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in Bonuses, Pay, Shops.

Shop workers are set to be hard hit by changes to the commission structure. For many, it could mean a reduced take home packet of several hundred pounds. Never afraid to dress an attack on terms and conditions up in glossy management speak, the company is calling this the New Deal. Here is a picture of workers during the last ‘new deal’ (which was in the USA in 1930s, also during a recession).


Oh, great.  We’re hearing shop workers around the country are angry, and rightly so.  One worker contacted Carphone Worker to say,

CPW’s debts has already been paid back by Buy Best and in the garb of credit crunch CPW has curtail the commission which is unjust. Now on every contract they get £100 and if goes with the insurance then £200 and what actually does the person who sells the contract get?  only £6.40/hour…

So the question everyone’s asking is… what can we do?

Basically, we need to get organised.  We know some people are talking about striking, but it’s pretty hard to strike unless you’ve got some form of organisation: it’s the sort of decision workers need to take together.  The danger is that we let this slide, and then people come to accept things as just how they are.  So:

  1. Get in touch with us.  Call Tom on 07894 461713 or email tdale@cwu.org
  2. Speak to others about the need to get organised and do something.  Find others willing to get involved.
  3. Join the union if you haven’t done already

Shop workers do not have to accept this!



1. Jay - August 4, 2009

Actually, per contract CPW gets anything between 350-600 and it’s even more on Orange as the network continues to share profit long term with CPW.
£100 and £200 quoted are only GROSS NOTIONAL MARGIN assigned to each store when they make a sale.

2. paul - August 5, 2009

the company are proposing to offer 37.5 hour contracts to all ‘customer consultants’ which essentially means they’re doing away with our paid dinner breaks , not that many of us actually get one!!! Point is this will be the eqivalent of another £2500.00 pay cut. Now they say this will be voluntary but we all know the disgraceful way this company operates. I would urge all retail staff to join the union post haste and help us to help you get the respect, dignity and salary you deserve. Its got be worth the few quid a month membership fee.

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