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swine flu outbreak at carphone’s wednesbury site (seriously…) July 3, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in Health & Safety, Wednesbury.

Carphone Worker hears from workers on site that there are two confirmed cases of swine flu at the Wednesbury Logistics Centre.  This urgently raises the issue of what steps the company is taking to safeguard the health of their employees.

A Communication Workers Union rep raised the issue of swine flue with senior managers shortly after news of the first cases hit the headlines.  Our rep asked what measures were being taken to reduce the likelihood of infection spreading within the workplace.

An email to TalkTalk employees the next day contained the business’s response contained no answers as such. However, it did establish that working groups were being set up:

Our plans will look at a range of responses including: prioritising of critical work, re-allocating staff, extending home working, moving work to areas unaffected.

What was the outcome of the “cross-Group forum” which was to be set up to look at the risk of swine flue?  What plans are in place to safeguard employee welfare if further cases are discovered – at Wednesbury or other sites?  Were any of the above possibilitie agreed upon, and when would they be triggered? Can we see the policies and plans, and if not why not?



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