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Defending our members against company victimisation: campaign moves on up! June 10, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in News.

A couple of developments on Monday have signaled that our campaign to defend our victimised members (more info here!) is gaining momentum…

1) CWU conference unanimously agrees to defend our active members at Wednesbury!

On Monday, the union’s conference, passed the following emergency motion, submitted by the local branch and the CWU Midlands Region (thanks to Lee Barron, Regional Secretary):

Conference condemns the actions of Carphone Warehouse in Wednesbury, where, on June 3rd 2009 the lead CWU Representative will face a dismissal interview after being targeted by the employer. In addition a CWU activist has already been sacked and it is now obvious that Carphone Warehouse are systematically targeting CWU Reps and activists in an attempt to stave off growing membership levels.

In light of that conference agrees to support those CWU Carphone Warehouse Reps and activists all throughout the current period of victimisation in a campaign that will involve the wider trade union movement and local MP’s. In addition conference instructs the NEC to organise a Carphone Warehouse day of action to support the campaign, to organise and to recruit within the company.

Will Charlie D avoid the day of action by taking responsibility and stopping the victimisations?  Watch this space!

2) Lancashire National Union of Teachers unanimously agrees to support campaign for our members to be reinstated!

Why is this important?  Well, as we’ve reported previously, the Charles Dunstone Foundation (no prizes for guessing which modest fella is at the top) is opening an Academy school at Fulwood in Preston.  (Carphone workers will not be surprised to learn that he  wholly ignored the 90% of consultation respondents who opposed the plans – at least we know it’s not personal now, eh?)  And as part of this, he’s agreed to recognise the NUT at the school – showing that union recognition is somethin.

Anyway, on Monday, Carphone Worker presented information on the victimisation of our active members at Carphone Warehouse (as well as other ongoing issues) to the executive committee of Lancs NUT.  They agreed to support the campaign, and will be writing to Charles Dunstone to express their concern shortly… we’re determined to get ever wider circles of stakeholders involved if there aren’t positive developments soon!



1. David - June 12, 2009

Isnt it about time CPW wake up and smell the coffee?

Pulse – Managers rate everything 10/10 otherwise their bonus goes down, they also force staff to vote high.

Staff – Were sacking staff but retail needs staff! We dont train staff well or hire enough and all the old school staff are slowly leaving.

Websites – askus, melon, cpwtouch, my hr, how2, wcss how many websites do we need with information on?

We have ceo’s and directors with their heads in the clouds!!

Disgusted Of Tulketh Mill - June 20, 2009


Didn’t you know? For each Director who comes into the company, they need to “make an impression” and “leave their mark” on our puny little lives, so they institute some hair-brained scheme to revolutionise the work-customer delightment interaction paradigm in a beneficious and positivial enlightenment with maximum stakeholder involvement!

Only the staff, i.e. the people who actually TALK TO THE CUSTOMER, don’t get a say. They get pronouncements in a tablet of stone.

Carphone and TalkTalk has far far too many Generals in the rear echelon, and not enough sergeants on the ground, and it would seem a mutiny is what it’s going to take to change that!

2. Clubman - July 17, 2009

on the note of leaving their mark and feedback, one may be interested to note that one team were told to “wait until you are in good moods before you complete the Pulse questionnaire ” as it may have a negative score on the managers rating?
what a good idea………

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