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BNP MEP elected in the North West: union says hope not hate June 10, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in News.

So, it’s old news now, but it needs to be said: the election of BNP leader Nick Griffin as an MEP for the North West should be a source of concern for all working people.  Carphone Warehouse and TalkTalk employees are overwhelmingly concentrated in the North West (sites at Preston, Warrington and Irlam).  There are also lots of employees in the West Midlands, because of the Wednesbury Logistics Centre, where the BNP has also made gains.

While we haven’t seen a surge in the BNP vote (actually, it went down in the NW), the party was let in by disengagement from mainstream parties: alot of people are apparently so fed up that they stayed at home.  Carphone Worker isn’t taking a position on how people should vote, or even whether they should.  The point is that, now, a fascist is formally representative of working people in the North West.

As trade unionists, we believe in unity, diversity, and anti-racism for its own sake: but we also believe in them because they’re the necessary condition for unity among working people; the unity we need to achieve a better working life for all of us.  We need to make it clear that, as far as we’re concerned, it’s the politics of hope, not hate, that should define our future.

You can find out more about the BNP here.



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