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Tulketh Mill CWU meeting on Wednesday – and could you be a CWU rep in the NW? June 5, 2009

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We had a well attended meeting on Wednesday.  We kicked off with a short talk by Ken from the National Union of Teachers about Charles Dunstone’s plans to open a school (!) at Fulwood, near Tulketh Mill.  Teachers there are concerned that management practices used on call centre workers will be applied to them, and perhaps even to an extent on the pupils!  We will feature more information on the website shortly.

We agreed that active members would start a survey to gauge how workers really feel about life at Carphone, and what can be done to change it.  The survey is the first step in our campaign for better working conditions at Tulketh.  Would you like to get involved in surveying colleagues as well?  Let us know.

We agreed that in future we’d meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 6pm.  So the next meeting is on July 1st at 6pm, in the office opposite the Mill.  If you’re a member, you’re welcome.  Contact Tom (07894 461713, tom.e.dale@gmail.com) for more details.

Could you be a CWU rep?

On the weekend of 13th and 14th June, any CWU member working at Carphone in the North West (Preston, Warrington, Irlam), will have the opportunity to attend a union training in supporting colleagues in disciplines and grievances.  The training will allow you to find out more about the union, and learn how to help your colleagues and friends get a fair, lawful outcome in any discipline case.  It will also allow you to spot when a colleague may have a legitimate grievance against the company – in a case of unfair treatment – and understand how to take it up effectively.

As we all know, disciplines can be a basic tool of management in some parts of Carphone – which they shouldn’t be – so it’s important that we start to roll back the culture of unfair disciplines!  Workers often accept as normal what is in reality abnormal and unacceptable.

The training will be in Preston on Saturday 13th from 10am-4pm and Sunday 14th from 11am-3pm.  We’ll pay for your travel and lunch.  If you, or someone you know, would be up for it, please get in touch!  Contact Tom (07894 461713, tom.e.dale@gmail.com).



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