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The Irlam ’49ers – more targets head skyward May 11, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in Irlam, SMC, Targets, TTT.

Service Mangement Centre workers at Irlam were told last Wednesday that their targets are to increase from processing 40 ‘tickets’ (basically, reports of problems that need to be fixed) a day, to 49 tickets – a summary increase of nearly 25%!

Some workers have expressed scepticism that the targets are even achievable, based on past performance.

Rob Alldritt, an officer of the local CWU branch, is advising members that if the higher targets are likely to mean significantly lower take home pay – through lower bonuses – then they have a right under law for a consultation.  Of course, the company should consult over things like this anyway, and union recognition would require the company to do so.  This is why workers in the Irlam SMC – and across Carphone Networks – should join up and encourage others to do the same.  Together, workers have some strength – alone, they can expect more of the same.

The target increase is in the context of a department which the company has allowed to shrink.  Surprise, surprise – fewer workers, same amount of work, more pressure for everyone.  And this is in the context of a company which has recently spent £326 million on a new business, announced a wage freeze, and introduced a harsh new shift pattern for the same group of workers.  We hear alot about ‘the needs of the business’.  What about the needs of the workers?

What do you think about the target increase?  Post away below – email addresses are not visible, consider using an anonymous name.



1. Disgruntled SMC - May 23, 2009

It seems to me that the senior management are living in LALA land when it comes to doing these KPI’s, We have complained to our team leaders and supervisors that these targets are wholly unachievable due to the slow system response, the fact no two calls are alike and that all put together the KPI’s make no sense at all.

For example we can be given a spreadsheet to complete which is simply closing tickets down in mass closure, doing this results us hitting our ticket KPI but then failing our Outbound Calls KPI as this drops below the 95% they want.

When I started i was classed as a technical agent, employed because of my knowledge of all things technical, now I spend more time ticket shuffling poor quality fault reports and trying my best to fix users line against a backdrop of indifference from managers, a system that automatically tests everything RWT (right when tested…darn it there goes another KPI target) and the only reports we seem to deal with these days are either QoS issues that are on OR networks or simply issues on our network we don’t know about due to poor communication internally

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