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TT WiFi + 2nd Line – company claims that advisors will not lose out through target changes April 28, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in News.

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that workers in TT WiFi and 2nd Line were looking at losing a fair chunk of take home pay due to proposed changes in bonus structure.

Since then, the company have made a commitment that CSAs will not lose money due to the changes in bonus structure which have been agreed. The company appears to have accepted the principle behind the argument made, that if a significant difference in take home pay would have resulted, a consultation would have been appropriate. However, the company has still failed to put anything in wrting to CSAs, which is very poor practice. We urge all TT WiFi and 2nd Line workers to get in touch with us if you do notice a reduction in your take home pay – if this occurs for a significant number of people, there may be grounds for a grievance.

Inadequate though this is, we have shown that the company can be forced to open up a bit, and make commitments they had otherwise not made through union members taking action – in this case to publicise workers’ rights.



1. Anonymous - April 29, 2009

Er, you guys get bonuses?

I’m in AOL 2nd line tech – we’re on around 10 different callqueues, and get laughed at if we mention a bonus/pay rise to the industry standard. Stop complaining, you get it much better than we do.

2. tomcwu - April 29, 2009

Anonymous, bonuses are all very well, but for all you know your basic pay could be higher – even higher that TT CSA’s basic + bonus.

In any case, this has nothing to do with complaining, and everything to do with lifting your chin up, and positively striving for something better. What sort of comment is it to try to keep other people down because you’re low yourself?

If you’re getting laughed at, then maybe you should consider doing something to get taken seriously – build a union, campaign for higher pay!

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