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Carphone Worker website blocked at Irlam – company tries to prevent employees accessing union advice April 14, 2009

Posted by tomcwu in Censorship, Irlam, TTT.

A worker commenting on a previous post has told us that CarphoneWorker.co.uk is blocked at the Irlam site!

In a surprise – and disappointing – move, local senior management appear to have gone to the trouble of preventing this website being accessed from computers at Irlam.  The step appears to follow the union’s efforts to make workers in the Carphone Networks SMC aware of their rights in respect of proposed shift changes.  We would be interested to hear the justification for this step, and what part of the company’s internet usage policy it conforms to.

We would also be interested to hear from workers at other sites – can you access this site from work, or do you have to do it from home?  Feel free to become an anonymous Carphone Worker correspondent and let us know what’s going on where you are…



1. Bart - April 16, 2009

The block on this website has been lifted and its now available from CPWN Irlam again.

2. tomcwu - April 16, 2009

This is good news, and we congratulate the company on taking this important step, only minutes after having been phoned by a journalist from theregister.co.uk.

Apparently they initially claimed it was a random coincidence, before deciding that it was really because they disagreed with our briefing. Can we therefore take the decision to unblock the site as an endorsement?

3. Carphone Worker website available from Irlam again - why? « Carphone Worker - April 17, 2009

[…] Carphone Worker website blocked at Irlam – company tries to prevent employees accessing union a… […]

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