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SMC Irlam – company has not made the case for shift changes or extra hours April 9, 2009

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image0011More than 100 Carphone Networks Service Management Centre workers at the Irlam site are faced with serious changes to terms and conditions, as the company proposes that they work between two and five extra hours a week, including many more evenings and weekends.  Some weeks, compulsory shifts will cover more than 50 hours, and both weekend days.  There will be no associated remuneration, making the pay freeze a pay cut – not only in real terms but per hour.

And what’s more, the company has so far refused to provide the data to back up its claim that the changes are necessary to meet customer demand.   Local Communication Workers Union branch officer James Samuels has advised workers that this is not good enough under law, and offered to back members up.

This consultation cannot just go through the motions; it has to involve a genuine engagement by the company with alternative possibilities.  As part of this, the company has to disclose the reasoning behind the contractual changes, together with supporting information which would allow you to put forward an alternative.”

This morning, CWU organisers handed out a briefing at the Irlam site – download a copy here – about the rights of SMC workers, and what they can do.  We will be keeping in touch with the situation, and be able to provide extra advice to members as and when required.

Early evidence suggests that local HR believes our leafleting to be seasonal, related to the “time of year”, rather than the failure of the company to make the case for changes that will have a serious impact on the lives of Carphone Networks employees.  For the record, when leafleting, we prefer summer sun to spring drizzle.



1. Anan - April 14, 2009

Carphone worker website has now been blocked for Irlam workers. Management be scared!!

2. Graham - April 15, 2009

Cannot ccess this site from work -not sure yet from home

3. Carphone Worker website available from Irlam again - why? « Carphone Worker - April 17, 2009

[…] SMC Irlam – company has not made the case for shift changes or extra hours […]

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